Police officers have a lot of things to deal with in their line of work, but this one doesn't come up very often.

The Portland Police Department recently posted a photo of one of their officers with a pig on a leash on their Facebook. Pigs on a leash you say? Yeah. I thought the same thing.

Now the Portland Police didn't specify if they found the pig with the leash on, or if they have a pig leash standing by in case of the rare instance they need to leash a pig, but there it is.

The owner of the pig was claimed not long after the post went up on Thursday and it turns out she is named Noodle.

I don't claim to be any sort of pig expert, but that appears to me to be a potbelly pig. If I'm wrong, I know someone will correct me.

A Google search landed me at the Texas A&M School of Veterinary Medicine which says "pot-bellied pigs are popular as pets because they are very intelligent and can be housebroken. Pigs are also able to openly express their fondness for their owners, much like other domesticated house pets." So pigs as pets are a thing that I had no idea about.

Noodle is likely back home enjoying the good life after being rangled by the Portland Police Department. This will be one of those things that they talk about around the station for years to come.

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