It's difficult to stand by and helplessly watch as some of our favorite stores shut their doors forever. To think that 30 to 40 years from now, young people will be asking what a Victoria's Secret's Angel is. And, while some will roll their eyes and dismiss VS as one of many ways women have been sexualized throughout history, many a young teenaged girl wanted to be an Angel when she grew up. VS has become a part of American pop culture.

Victoria’s Secret will reportedly shut down 250 stores in the United States and Canada permanently, due to loss of revenue, according to USA Today. An exact timeline is unknown, but the report indicates that most of the company’s stores have been shuttered since March 17th because of the coronavirus crisis.

The closures are happening in seven states to include New York and Florida, according to Business Insider. So far, none of the targeted stores are in New England.

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