Last Friday, you may have heard us talking on the air, or you may have even seen the video of me dressing up like a clown for Nikki for her birthday. You see, Nikki loves clowns. She even dated one once. So I knew I wanted to do something clown related for her. My first thought was to hire a professional clown to come in. But here's the shocking truth - the closest clown for hire that I could find was 70 miles away! So my first thought was, "Is there some sort of clown shortage happening right now?" Turns out, there is. I found a few articles online, including this one from Barstool Sports, and this one from Press Herald. The truth is, yes...clown are having a very tough time right now. It seems that most people this they're creepy, and a lot of people actually think they're scary. It makes me feel bad for clowns! But it also makes me realize that there's an opportunity. If I wanted to moonlight as a clown in the Portland area, I would own the market! I'd have free range to charge as much as I want, and I'd have no competition. So maybe I ought to hang onto that clown suit after all!


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