I knew that I wanted to do something very special for Nikki for her birthday. I had several ideas, but I couldn't quite decide what would be best. Then it hit me. Nikki loves clowns!! So much, that she even dated one once. So, the answer was simple - get Nikki a clown for her birthday. So I started looking for a clown to hire to come in and wish her a happy birthday. But I soon realized something very odd - the closest clown for hire is almost 70 miles from Portland. So I did what any awesome morning show co-host would do - I decided to dress up like a clown myself! Last night, I went out an picked up the clown suit, the wig, and the makeup. And this morning in between breaks, I sprang to action. I had about 10 minutes to put on the costume and wig, and to do the makeup. And then...well, watch the video below to see for yourself -

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