So, here's a little peek behind the curtain for you since you may not know -- there are actually two different studios that 94.9 HOM operates out of. There's obviously our home studio right in Monument Square inside of One City Center in Portland. But we also have a second studio that we are able to operate out of in a building that houses our sister stations in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

This article is strictly about the One City Center studio, though. Because that's the one I'm convinced it's haunted.

Have you ever just experienced super weird stuff before? Like, things that are too coincidental to be explained and it's all just eerie? That's been happening in the studio the last couple of months. For example, I literally just hit my one year anniversary with the station this past week, which means I've been entering the studio for MONTHS. Nothing weird ever happened.

But within the last few months, lights that are on the ceiling have gone haywire on me. It's not the typical fluorescent lights that are embedded into a ceiling like you'd find in an office building or most places of business. These lights are almost like LED spotlights on a track. Those lights go absolutely NUTSO out of the complete blue sometimes.

You could make the argument that maybe their motion-censored, which is originally what I first thought when they first started blinking off and on sporadically (almost maniacally, really.) But then there was the first, second, third, and all the way through the tenth time that I would become stationary like a statue when it would start happening just to see if it was motion-censored, and they'd continue to go off for no reason at all, regardless of there being no movement in the studio.

Fast forward, too, to just the other day when I was in there. Sometimes, I'll leave the door held open with a door stop. A door stop, mind you, that has never once failed. There are times where I'll go into the studio in the morning and the volume is turned all the way down, meaning someone in the office must think it's too loud so they turn it down. At least, I thought it was someone in the building, but it could be something.

Because the exact moment I turned the volume up a bit loud, with the door open -- THE. EXACT. MOMENT. -- the door, held open by the never-failed-me-before door stop, SHUT ON ITS OWN. There was no one walking by to cause vibration, no gust of wind randomly gracing the studio since we can't open the studio windows that overlook Monument Square -- NOTHING.

So, the question remains -- is the studio in fact haunted, or am I just psychologically buying into the hype of Halloween?

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