I love living in a city that takes immense pride in it's appearance! Portsmouth has something for every season; beautiful hanging flower displays in the Spring and Summer, a tall and gorgeous Christmas tree in the Winter, and OF COURSE the festive and fun pumpkin headed scarecrows in the Fall!

Last year was my first full year living in Portsmouth and when they first put the scarecrows up I got a little spooked walking to my car at 4 in the morning. They look freaky in the dark of night especially if you aren't expecting them! But of course I learned to love them:

Tonight I noticed on my nightly walk that they are back in full swing!

Kira Lew
Kira Lew

I was prepared for their arrival because Bren Jennings posted to the (un)official city of Portsmouth Facebook page with this photo and captioned it "Here they come!"

Bren Jennings via Facebook

I love the behind the scenes look at how these creatures are constructed. The post got nearly 200 likes and a lot of comments so it's safe to say the pumpkin headed scarecrows are a fan favorite around town.

They are so much fun for the kiddos too! Stacie Morris Morin commented:

"Thank you. My granddaughter and I enjoyed walking around town finding them this afternoon! 🎃"

Does your city or town have any fun Halloween traditions such as a parade, party, or fun decorations that they put up every year? We would love to hear about them in the comments!

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