AJ and Nikki asked this question this morning, and Nikki didn't hesitate. She chose pizza as the one food she could eat for the rest of her life. All four food groups are represented in one single slice. Pizza is the perfect food.

AJ had to think about this one for a bit, but he finally settled on Chinese food.

As it turns out, both of these choices are on the top 10 list of "the one food people would eat for the rest of their lives," according to this survey done by Ranker.

Here are the top ten:

(1) Pizza.
(2) Steak.
(3) Ice cream.
(4) Spaghetti.
(5) Bacon.
(6) Fried chicken
(7) French fries.
(8) Grilled cheese.
(9) Chinese food.
(10) Macaroni and cheese.

By the way, cheeseburgers just missed the top ten at number 11.

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