If you've ever dug deep into the world of Reddit, there's plenty of rabbit holes to go down. Some posters are satirical, some of purely informative and others just like to stir things up. Every now and again, there will be an individual that brings their issue to the forefront and subsequently gets dragged out of Reddit kicking and screaming by irate moderators. If you need an example, look no further than this post published about a poor food delivery experience from Whole Foods in Portland, Maine.

What started as a minor but somewhat reasonable gripe devolved very quickly into a bizarre and completely irrational attack on Portland's immigrant community. Is it possible that food delivery from Instacart or Whole Foods has gotten less consistent over the past several months as more people return to stores to shop for their own groceries? You bet. Is that downward trend in consistenty solely because of immigrants trying to earn a living? Absolutely not.

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Commenters on the thread were astounded by the tone deaf gripes of the original poster. Some had difficulty understanding the author's need to save time by getting grocery delivery and then following that up by writing a lengthy diatribe about milk and cookies and ground turkey.


The original poster was banned from the thread and comments were locked as moderators decided nothing good was going to come from a continuous back and forth discussion. Perhaps it's time for the author to step back inside a grocery store and do their own shopping again.

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