Portland is waking up to some rather surprising news this morning. Brian Boru, the Irish Tavern that has been a staple of Portland's Old Port district for over 25 years, announced in a Facebook post that they will be closing their doors for good next week.

I was pretty surprised to see this news this morning. It seems like any time I've ever walked by or walked into Brian Boru, during the day or at night, the place is always busy. It's hard to understand why a business that seems to do so well would have to abruptly shut down. I feel bad for the folks who currently work there...hopefully they'll be able to find another job quickly.

Now the big question is, what will go in there now? Will it be another tavern? Or something a little different? Or, will they tear it down and built yet another hotel, or condos? Let us know your thoughts, with a comment on the Facebook post!

Here we are having some fun there on St. Patty's Day a couple years ago:

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