For years, I've heard there's really no better prideful feeling than being proud of your child. And for years, I've remained childless because, well, I guess it's the universe's plan?

But it was also the universe's plan to make me a parent last October, when after overcoming a ton of obstacles, I was able to adopt my son (who was actually born a few months earlier in July). And although I've been proud of how far he's come in such a short amount of time -- curbing the whole going to the bathroom in the living room thing (ESPECIALLY ON CARPET), he's never really destroyed any part of my house or personal property (outside of chewing on the side of a neat little end table I bought while he was teething), I don't think I've ever been as proud of him as I was the other day.

I guess now is a good time to tell you that my son isn't a human. Also, we aren't aliens or anything, either, so no need to worry about us taking over the planet or probing you for reading this. Nope, my son is a dog -- a rescue from Aruba, actually, through the New Life For Paws Foundation. I'm not exactly sure what breed he is -- he definitely has Rhodesian Ridgeback in him, but not sure what else -- maybe sometime I'll rock a puppy DNA test on him to find out.

Anyway, I suppose I should get to the proud parent part of everything. One of my friends sent me this video on Instagram that claims to prove if your dog would help another dog in distress. I'm not exactly sure if this is scientifically proven or not, but it's 2020 and I think we'll all take a win where we can. So, I jacked up the volume in the living room the other night and played this video:

And Remy -- by the way, my dog's name is Remy -- Remy FREAKED OUT. Not in a fearful way, but as soon as he heard the whimpering sound, his head was on a swivel looking all around, and then he started circling around where we were, LOOKING FOR (I'm assuming) A HURT PUPPY.

MY DOG WANTED TO HELP A PUPPY IN DISTRESS. Is this what it's like when you realize your human child cares about other humans (or anything, really) and wants to help any way they can? I was legit SO proud of him. He got extra belly rubs and treats after that.

I don't know, maybe the pandemic and quasi-quarantine has made me insanely bored and some stuff seems magnified, but I was just so genuinely happy and proud that he looked around -- he cared enough and wanted to help that he looked around to find out where the distressed puppy was. And I'll take that parenting win.

Try it on your dog and see how they react!

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