Moxie is THE drink of Maine. I am not going to lie, the first time I tried Moxie, I was nervous at first. It is one of those drinks that you either love it or hate it. After running to a couple of stores, I had finally found a bottle of Moxie to try, and honestly, I loved it (my boyfriend, on the other hand, did not).

If you do not know what Moxie is, let me educate you. According to Moxie's website, Moxie is the first bottled carbonated beverage. Moxie was created in 1876 in Maine and was designated as the official soft drink of Maine on May 1, 2005.

Of course, many individuals fell in love with Moxie (myself included) and there is even a yearly festival that shows how much Mainers love Moxie. The Moxie Festival originated in 1982. After two years, the Moxie Festival will be returning to Maine in 2022.

The Moxie Festival is happening in Lisbon, Maine, for three days. On July 8th, 9th, and 10th you can enjoy all the events happening at the Moxie Festival. Of course, there will be Moxie, but also you can see fireworks, a 5K Road Race, and a car show.

Okay, let's get into why you are here. I stumbled upon a YouTube Channel called "Art of Drink." They teach you about some of your favorite drinks like cocktails, wine, beet, soda, and water. On the channel, you can even see some tutorials on how to make these drinks, and yes, Moxie is one of them.

How to Make Moxie Syrup:

15 ml Gentian Extract
15 ml Wintergreen Essence
2 ml Anise Essence
30 ml Caramel
1.0 grams Caffeine
900 ml Soda Syrup

Looking to make your own Moxie, well it is easy. Just mix all the ingredients above in a bottle with simple syrup. Next, add a little water to the caffeine powder to help remove any clumps.

Instead of going to the market to pick up some Moxie, you can now try to impress your friends and make your own.

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