They say money can't buy happiness. But as much as we'd like for that to be true, our happiness depends a great deal on our financial stability. Worries about bills and debt can cause a great deal of stress, and can have a huge impact on your emotional well-being.

So assuming that the old adage is only somewhat true, how much money does it really take for us to be "happy"?

Go Banking Rates recently published a study to show us the annual average income it takes for most people to be stress free when it comes to their financial situation. Even better, they broke it down by state, so we can get a look at the amounts specifically in northern New England.

The amount varies quite a bit from state to state. In Hawaii, who has the highest amount, you need over $200,000. But in a state like Mississippi, you only need $89,040. That's quite the difference!

So how did the states of Northern New England fare?

Maine: $122,430 (#11)

New Hampshire: $113,925 (#14)

Vermont: $120,015 (#12)

All three are higher than the average ideal income for life satisfaction in North America, $105,000.

You can see more details of the study here.

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