It's good to know that I can always count on listeners of the HOM Morning Show for advice on pretty much anything. This week on the show, I was talking about how I really want to start giving my daughters, who are 10 and 11 allowance. But there were so many things I wasn't sure about. How much is a good amount? Should they get it automatically, or should they have to earn it? What kind of things should I have them do to earn it? What about long term savings?

So many listeners chimed in with advice, on the phone, and with comments on the Facebook post. It opened my mind to so many different approaches that I hadn't even considered! Here are some of the most liked Facebook comments:

Val Bolduc Teaching children to help in the house shows them responsibilities makes the child feel useful and prepares them for later in life. If you choose to reward them that’s up to each parent. I was raised as one of six children and we all had chores no allowance but did get what we needed and every now and then something special 😁

Heidi Marandos We don’t pay for them to pitch in on keeping the house clean. We all live here, it is all of our responsibility to keep it clean. That’s what being a family is. But we do give them money for good grades, extra projects like fixing the fences, or cleaning the chicken house. We are also generous with spur of the moment purchases or extra money for fairs and things.

What's your approach with allowance for the kids in your home? Let us know, with a comment on the Facebook post.

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