Sandra and I have been talking about Valentine's Day all this week on HOM Mornings. We asked the question "how did you meet your significant other" on-air and on the WHOM Facebook page and got some awesome responses! Here are some great ones and a link to our original post. Feel free to add your story!

  • Kathy: At an Irvings truck stop!!
  • Rhonda: We met in college. We became friends because I was dating someone else at the time. But our friendship grew into something more and we started dating on May 1st of 1986. Got engaged on Valentines Day 1987. Graduated from college together in May of 1987. Got married in September of 1987. Had our son in January of 1995 and will be celebrating our 28th anniversary this September!
  • Linda:At a Wedding of mutual friends. We were attracted to each other right from the start
  • Kelly: I met my significant other yrs. Again at a bar. And were friends for along time but never really talked much. And she messaged me about one of my facebook posts that she wished she would've known i was single earlier. Aug.3 2014 we started dating. And now we r getting married aug. 8 of this year. Instantly fell i love and know that shes the one. And here we r planning a wedding
  • Julianne: Picked him up in a bar!
  • Ellen: I met my man on a dating site called singlesnet. Come to find out he was from my local area and we just had never crossed paths. I went to high school with his sister and knew his mom from a hardware store! Small world!!!! I wouldn't trade him in for the world!  A wonderful guy.
  • Megan: Hunting and fishing expo salem nh, 2015 he watched my taxidermy seminar. we talked 3 hrs in one day. our first date was lazer tag

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Here is a clip from the movie Serendipity. Do you believe in fate or when it comes to relationships? How did you meet your significant other. Answer in the comments section of the website below or on our Facebook page.