I was just a tiny toe head at the age of four when I first witnessed the Locks at Sebago. I remember sitting on "The Songo River Queen" wondering just what was going on. Now a "few" years later, I actually know. This is a fun Summer bucket list item! 


The Songo River is 3.1 miles long with the only operational lock since the 1800s in Maine. Workers still manually move the old wooden gate to control the water flow and allow boats back and fourth between Sebago and Long lakes (Brandy Pond). They used to float logs and large steamers like The Songo River Queen through. You and the kids can even ask to open the gates and push it yourself. The looks on the faces of the little ones was priceless when they were allowed to push the gate. The parents were really getting into it too. That's why I think it would make a great Summer bucket list item for the whole family. You can get to the locks by car if you don't have a boat to cross over with.


We took a route from Sebago and the cruise along the river was really fun. We saw beautiful Canadian Geese and met a lot of nice people also floating by with that friendly boater's wave.


This guy was my favorite, all spiffed up with a Mexican Sombrero while his dog sat perched on the bow of his kayak wagging his tail with every plash of the paddle.


Maybe the best part was dumping out into a boater's paradise at the sandbar which was PACKED! There were hundreds of boats including a hot dog and hamburger boat you could smell a mile away. What a great day floating down the river, hope you get the chance to experience it this Summer.