We've all heard crazy stories of people doing out-of-the-ordinary things while sleeping -- talking, sleepwalking, in some cases even online shopping, but there's never really been an instance where police were summoned to someone's house while they were asleep.

Until now.

Police lights by night

Noonlight App

If you've never heard of the Noonlight app before, you may want to pay attention to this story because to just lead with the headline, IT WORKS. And this story proves it.

The Noonlight app is a free app available wherever you download your apps that is geared around your safety. It originally began as a safe way to walk from your starting point to you destination, but essentially has become the "silent alarm" of 9-1-1, so to speak, when it comes to getting emergency responders to your exact location. On top of that, you can also save details to a timeline that describes where you're going, who you're meeting up with and when, on the off-chance that something happens.

Essentially, all you have to do is press and hold a button within the app. As soon as you let go, you're prompted to enter a PIN or password. Enter it, and you're good to go. If you're in fear for your safety and in danger, do not enter the PIN/password. This alerts Noonlight that you're in possible danger, who then notifies police when your exact location and emergency.

And that's what caused Twitter user @debbieeeCo to summon police to her apartment while she was sleeping. 

At around 2a last night while still asleep, Debbie accidentally pressed the button inside of Noonlight app and at some point let go of the button. When she didn't respond to her password prompt, the signal was sent to Noonlight, who actually reached out to her asking her emergency. When they didn't get a response, they called her. When they didn't get a response from that, they took it upon themselves to send her local police department in Massachusetts to her home.

Somehow, amazingly enough, Debbie slept through the entire thing, and woke up to this string of text messages.

@DebbieeeCo via Twitter
@DebbieeeCo via Twitter

Later on, she also received this text earlier this morning (9 hours after the accidentally summoning) from Noonlight.

@DebbieeeCo via Twitter
@DebbieeeCo via Twitter

Debbie later found out the police did in fact show up, with flashlights peering in the windows and knocks on the door. She may be a world record sleeper based on the fact that none of that somehow woke her up.

The thing that Debbie took the most solace in with this whole incident, other than possibly a bit of embarrassment, is the fact that the app clearly works. In fact, there may be no better example that the app works than Debbie's entire overnight sleeping experience.

And just think, if the app works that well while you're accidentally sleeping -- imagine how handy it'll be should you ever actually be in danger and need it. Also, here's hoping you never do.

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