Today on the HOM Morning Show, Nikki and I brought up the news that the Boy Scouts announced they will begin allowing girls to join beginning next year.

Before we started our show today, I saw that our TV affiliate WMTW polled their viewers on this matter, and that a whopping 85% of respondents said it wasn't a good idea.

I thought that the response of our audience would be a little more balanced. I was wrong.

Out of all of the calls we took this morning (and we took A LOT), only ONE listener said that they agreed that it was a good decision. Everyone else we spoke with today said that it should be left the way that it is - boys in Boy Scouts, and girls in Girl Scouts.

However, a few people commented on our Facebook post in favor of the rules change:

Stil, most of the posts on Facebook see no reason for there to be a change:

You can read the rest of the comments, and weigh in with your own opinion below:

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