Most of us would agree that this summer has been quite a bit warmer than the last few years. For most of July, we saw daily temperatures in the low to mid 80s.

The last week has been a little on the cooler side, but now it looks like much of New England is in store for another heatwave.

According to WGME, we could see temperatures near 100 degrees throughout much of the state this coming week.  In fact, this heatwave could cause Portland, which normally stays cooler because of ocean breezes, to hit 100+ degrees on Friday.  The last time Portland recorded a temperature of 100 degrees was in July of 2011.

The article explains that the heatwave will be caused by a shift in an area of high pressure.  That area has been centered over the southern states for several weeks, but it is shifting to the east coast.  The high pressure are prevents clouds from forming, which prevents rain and keeps the land baking in the sun.  That is why we have been hearing so much about the extended heatwave in the middle of the country.

So, what are the peak days for this heatwave?  It looks like the temperatures will steadily increase throughout the week, with the hottest days being Thursday and Friday.  Additionally, it looks like the heatwave could cause high levels of humidity.

So, be prepared.  Stay cool and stay hydrated.  And, of course, keep an eye on our older loved ones during the heatwave.

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