For the longest time, I was perfectly happy using Facebook and Instagram to satisfy all of my social media needs. To me, Twitter always seemed a little pretentious, and not as much fun. But last week, I finally made the plunge and joined Twitter for the first time. Here's why.

First of all, my girlfriend is an avid user. And whenever she tells me about things she's seen on Twitter, or tweets she's posted, I feel a little left out.

But I think that the big reason I'm finally on Twitter is that I've just about had it with Facebook. It's become too cluttered for me, and there's just too much on there that I really don't care about. And Twitter just seems much cleaner. I'm not saying that I'm deleting Facebook...I'm just using it way less.

So if you use Twitter, give me a follow! I promise to tweet some fun and relevant. Well, fun and relevant to me anyway...if you share my interests, you'll dig it!

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