Last weekend, I ran the Beach To Beacon 10k for the second year in a row. It's an incredible experience that I plan to do again and again each year for as long as I can. This year, my finish time was pretty remarkable. No, not because it was fast. In fact, some of the fastest runners this year did the 6.2 miles in less than half the time I did! What was amazing about my time is that it was either incredibly close to my time last year, or perhaps EXACTLY the same.

Here's the pic I took of my time immediately after I finished -

AJ Dukette

1:08:12 - that's ONE SECOND faster than my time last year! But gets even weirder. I checked my time on the B2B website this morning, and they changed it. It now says this -

Beach To Beacon

That's my EXACT time from last year!!! I wonder if anyone else can say that they ran the exact same time as the year before, down to the second. I'd say that's pretty remarkable!

With my revised time, I'm trying to stay positive. Even though I had the exact same time, my division place went from 340 to 300. Which could mean that the high humidity made the race harder this year. Either way, at least I can say I wasn't slower than last year!