I mentioned last week that eventually I'm going to be looking at buying property somewhere. Nothing wild, just a nice little house for me and my pup Remy -- mainly so he can have a yard to run around in (and taking him out for a bathroom break will be as easy as opening the door and letting him out). And if down the line I meet Mrs. Right, we can do the little family thing in our own house, ya know?

So, while I look practically for whenever that day comes that I'm going to make that move to buy, I also just tool around on real estate websites just to see what's out there dream house wise. Well, search around enough (on Zillow) and you'll eventually come across a listing for Santa's house at the North Pole.

So, Zillow has Santa's house listed at around $764,000. So, I said to myself, "Self, I wonder what you could get around here for that price." So, I put in the info, and BOOM, up popped this 6 bed, 4 bath townhouse in Portland, located at 304 Spring St, listed at $750,000.

It looks like it's not too far away from the water, and actually positioned pretty much halfway between both the Casco Bay Bridge and Veterans Memorial Bridge. Take a look inside, it's beautiful!

Here's What The Value Of Santa's House Will Get You In Portland

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