Ever since Christmas ended, we've been teasing you with how we're going to hook you up with "New Gear for the New Year" in the form of a brand new 55" 4K Smart TV and a Samsung Sound Bar, all thanks to Warner Records.

We told you to get ready, we told you to stay tuned, and most importantly, we told you to download our FREE app (which you STILL need to do if you haven't yet). Well, the time for teasing is done, because it's finally go time!

Here's How It Works

  • Set your radio to 94.9 HOM. Or tell Alexa to play 94.9 HOM. And have we mentioned to download our app yet?
  • We'll give you 4 code words every single weekday at 8:20, 11:20, 1:20, 4:20 on the air. The more code words you enter, the better chance of winning!
  • Enter each code word you hear on our station app.
  • The final code words play on Friday, January 15. After that, we'll pull from the pool of correct code words throughout the two week period to select one winner, who will be announced during Jadd in the Morning on Monday, January 18.

Have at least one of the code words we gave you today? Have all 4? Somewhere in between? Enter them on the New Gear New Year contest page.

And don't forget to turn on your Contest Alerts in our 94.9 HOM app so you can get reminders of when to play!

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