I love Instagram. It's probably my favorite social media platform. There just seems to be a lot less clutter than Facebook and Twitter. I also love to look back and reflect around this time of the year. So I think it's really fun to go back and look at our most liked posts of 2018! Now you could go back and look at every single post and figure out which ones got the most double taps...but why not let a website do it for you? topnine.co is a third party website that automatically generates your top nine Instagram posts of the year, and arranges them in a nice collage, perfectly sized for you to post! Just go to the site, tell them your Instagram username and email address, and they'll send it to you! To make the process even quicker, download their app for iphone or android, and you don't have to wait for the email...they'll generate it for you within the app. Keep in mind that if your profile is private, you won't be able to do it on the website. But you can make your profile public for a minute, go through the process and just switch it back when you're done. Or, you can just get the app. Here's HOM's Top Nine for 2018!

insta top nine

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