Did you have a feeling that Maine gets into the Christmas spirit more than other parts of the country? Well according to a study done by getcenturylink.com, you're right! The website analyzed all sorts of data, including google searches for Christmas movies, shopping trends for ornaments and wrapping paper, our Christmas music streaming habits, and how much people give to charity this time of year. Maine ranked number five on the list. Not too shabby! It looks like New Hampshire has some catching up to do, though. The Granite State came in at number 31 on the list.

Here at HOM, we like to think that our continuous Christmas has something to do with Maine ranking so high on the list. After all, not only are we playing all of your favorite Christmas classics… We're also celebrating by giving away many great prizes, including home heating fuel from CN Brown Energy, Amazon Echo Dots with the 12 Days Of Alexa, and so much more. So if you're not into the Christmas spirit, just tune in for a few minutes, and we'll help get you there!

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