According to, the median home value in Maine is $233,000. If that number seems a little out of reach for your budget, you're not alone. More and more people are searching for a deal on a home that won't put them in debt for a good portion of their lives. What if it were possible to buy a house outright, and not have to worry about a monthly mortgage payment? It's quite possible to do so, as hard to believe as it may seem. Although chances are, if you do end up purchasing one of these extremely low cost houses, you'll likely need to shell out thousands on repairs and upgrades. But if you're handy, and can tackle some of the bigger projects on your own, you actually have a shot at coming out on top. To get you started on figuring out if this home buying approach might work for you, here are five homes in Maine currently on the market for only $15,000 or less:

This is a mobile home that has had extensive renovations. Says it's ready to move, so we're assuming that means this one doesn't come with land.,fsbo_lt/house,mobile,townhouse_type/113703757_zpid/10000-50000_price/39-193_mp/pricea_sort/44.514318,-70.082388,44.440092,-70.228815_rect/12_zm/0_mmm/

Very affordable, but looks like it could use quite a bit of work.,fsbo_lt/house,mobile,townhouse_type/246977617_zpid/10000-50000_price/39-193_mp/pricea_sort/46.714974,-67.95619,46.643603,-68.102617_rect/12_zm/0_mmm/

A good sized home at almost 1,900 square feet, but is in need of repairs and updates before you can even move in.,fsbo_lt/house,mobile,townhouse_type/2138817689_zpid/10000-50000_price/39-193_mp/pricea_sort/45.053454,-69.219275,44.979917,-69.365702_rect/12_zm/0_mmm/

A very "rural" feel to this property. Some original features still remain.,fsbo_lt/house,mobile,townhouse_type/2146708594_zpid/10000-50000_price/39-193_mp/pricea_sort/45.059517,-69.223909,44.985988,-69.370337_rect/12_zm/0_mmm/

Definitely a fixer upper!,fsbo_lt/house,mobile,townhouse_type/2092042378_zpid/10000-50000_price/39-193_mp/pricea_sort/46.606349,-67.844095,46.534835,-67.990522_rect/12_zm/0_mmm/