I've been sad lately. Finding a teddy bear during the Great Lost Bear scavenger hunt in Portland, Maine would probably make me feel better. I'll tell you why…

May 22nd was the two year anniversary of my beloved Husky's death. I am reliving the grief of my loss as if it happened yesterday. Caesar had been with me since he was a puppy. He had been through thick and thin with me -- the loss of my father, the deaths of three childhood friends, the loss of two other dogs who were near and dear to me, personal and professional losses and overall, very trying times.

Then, when I moved here to Maine to start my new life, I brought him with me. Having him as my one and only companion for the short time that I did made being in a new place more bearable.

This was my farewell post to Caesar two days after he passed away.:

I am crying as I write this, so let me get to the point of my blog: I would really love to find a teddy bear during the Great Lost Bear scavenger hunt. It would get me out in the fresh air, walking around Portland with a purpose. I would name my teddy after Caesar and place him next to his urn to keep him company.

The Great Lost Bear is celebrating its 40th "annibearsary" by hosting a hunt for 100 bears, which they have supposedly hidden "in plain sight all over Portland." The Facebook post above states that they are giving out prizes to people who find the bears and bring them into the restaurant.

If you know where I can find one, I could use some helpful hints. I don't know my way around Portland as well as others, so I am at a disadvantage. Send me a message on my Facebook page if you want to help me.

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