It's not easy being a senior dog without a home.

When searching for a pet, most people gravitate towards puppies and younger dogs. But remember, there are many older dogs who need homes too, and the experience can be equally rewarding.

Why not open your home up to one of these senior dogs this Christmas?

Meet Copper

Copper is an adorable 15 year old pekingese with an easy going personality and a sweet and gentle heart. She loves people and gets along with other animals. Her perfect home would be one where her person is around a lot because she just LOVES her people!

Meet Dora

This beautiful old girl is Dora, and she is one of a kind. So sweet and gentle, and eager to love you. She is 9 years old, and lived with a family who loved her. But unfortunately they came upon a heartbreaking family situation, so they were unable to care for her.Since Dora went to live with her foster mom we have learned that she is gentle and tolerant around children, is fine around cats, and is good with other dogs too. She is great in the car and on leash, and settles down really well for a quiet night's sleep. Her foster mom says she is a total sweetie pie!

Meet Grannie England

Estimated Date of Birth 06/07/2007, Wt. 10 lbs - Grannie is doing very well at the shelter. She is staying with Logan, a senior dachshund and Jock, a senior silky hair terrier. They are sharing their space with Mort, our shelter cat!!!! Grannie loves attention and would not mind a lap to sit on at all. Please help us find Grannie a loving home!

Meet Roger

Roger is a sweet 10 year old lab/hound mix. He is currently residing with 2 lovely labs, a male and female, a timid cat and a foster mom and dad who are home all the time with him. Roger is at his silliest with the female lab. They love to play and wrestle. Roger coexists very well with the male lab but there has been a couple of spats over some high valued items such as a bag of dog food and nyla bones, but they enjoy playing together outside. Roger enjoys the company of other dogs and is always thrilled go out for their daily family walk in the woods together. He is also very good at entertaining himself with just a toy.

Meet Sally aka Jaylo

Sally aka JAYLO was adopted from Wynne Friends in November, 2008. Her current and only owner cannot keep her now, as she is driving a truck, and needing to move back to Indiana! Sherry states that she is a great girl, loves people, pays no attention to cats and knows basic obedience like shake and sit. Sally loves her crate and is housebroken. Sally prefers to eat by herself. Please help us re-home this girl. If you are needing a sweet companion, this is your girl!