I hope that you had a romantic Valentine's Day filled with affection and declarations of your beauty, and confirmations that you are, in fact, a good girl. Wait, that's our dog, Shayla! And that is my husband Mark kissing her. On the mouth!

Mark and Shayla had no boundaries from the start. Here they are ten years ago when they were two young pups!

puppy palying

How crazy are owners for their pets? Even more bonkers than I thought, And I'm one of them! Take a look at these  numbers from the latest survey:

  • 80% say they kiss their pet more often on a daily basis than their partner.
  • 63% preferred staying home and cuddling with their pet than going on a date with another human being on Valentine's Day.
  • 83% say their pet is a better cuddler than their spouse!

I found a great video to share with you and the best kisser in your house.

Look at this face! Don't you want to smooch her?! Which is the stuffed animal? Can you tell?...

puppy with bear

When mark comes home from work the whole household runs into the kitchen to greet him. He kisses Shayla first. When I complain about the sloppy seconds he tells me that I need to run faster. True story.

Are you in love with a pet lover? Does your partner observe no boundaries when it comes to their pet? Cat insist on joining them in the bathroom? Bedroom door need to stay open, even when it should be closed?! Share your experiences with us on our Fan Page, or tweet #doyouknowwhatshesbeeneating

I'm a good girl too.