Chicken wings are available on menus pretty much everywhere, but are also truly hard to perfect. Portland has been home to several different restaurants that have received high honors for their wings in recent years. Reviews on sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor would tell you that Portland is a hub for delicious chicken wings, and you really can't go wrong at half a dozen different establishments. All of that may be true, but when you find a new place with chicken wings to die for, you simply must share the secret.

Enter in Coals, a new(ish) restaurant in Portland that specializes in, well, not chicken wings. Their specialty is grilled pizza, and they are extremely good at that. It's almost impossible to visit Coals and watch incredibly thin crusted pizza being churned out and not try a slice. But they should also take a bow for their chicken wings, because they are the perfect combination of every element slapped onto a fancy little plate.

Coals deep fries their wings to start, and then follows that by lightly grilling them. That touch of the grill gives the wing the right amount of char with a light, smoky aftertaste that is absolutely divine. You can choose your wings to come in three different flavors: classic buffalo, spicy cilantro, or rosemary maple. All three are fantastic and a good enough excuse to keep going back to try another flavor. If you're willing to live on the edge, they offer a fourth option called Children's Tears, which is extra spicy.

Visit for the pizza, but don't sleep on the wings. In a city filled with amazing food options, sometimes getting the classics just right can set you apart.


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