You know something -- this is actually a refreshing recall. Because normally when you hear about a food recall, your mind automatically goes to either e.Coli, pink slime, or someone accidentally dropped some kind of metal inside food.

But this recall? This recall shows that Hannaford cares for their customers and their well-being, and you love to see it.

According to Channel 8 WMTW, the recall Hannaford announced involves 6 1/2 inch triple-layer chocolate cakes that were made at in-store bakeries. Nothing is wrong with the cake themselves necessarily, it's more of a label thing. Milk is not listed at all on the label under the allergen portion.

Chocolate Cake, new shots of same available
Stacey Newman

Now, on the one hand, you'd honestly hope that someone who is capable enough to drive themselves to Hannaford, purchase a cake with money they earn at a job they're capable enough to be employed at, and drive themselves back home would be capable enough to realize there's milk in cake. But you'd also think that years ago when that woman spilled coffee on herself and sued McDonald's, she would've known it was hot without them having to print it on the cup, but here we are.

The cakes involved in the recall, according to Channel 8 WMTW, were sold between March 7 and March 16, and the UPC number is: 4126872346. If you have one of the affected cakes, you can return it to Hannaford for a full refund.

Now THAT'S customer care. THAT stands out in the most positive of ways.

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