Dig out your American flag swim trunks and prep your red, white & blue Jello shots... 4th of July is just around this corner! In the spirit of the upcoming holiday, Wallethub collected and compared data from each state in an effort to rank all 50 by their level of patriotism.

They looked at more than swim trunks and Jello shots, too: they measured patriotism based on military and civic engagement, including average volunteer hours and voting rate, proportions of veterans and jury duty activity. Who do you think takes the title of most patriotic? Take a gander at the map below!

Source: WalletHub

In short, New Hampshire and Wyoming won most patriotic while New Jersey and New York round out the bottom of the rankings. That's all well and good, but now I'm curious what the ranked list would look like if they did include measures like american flag sunglasses and miniature flags... "patriotic" seems like a term that's open to interpretation, right?

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