Gronkowski was with the New England Patriots for the first nine seasons of his NFL career. Back in March of 2019, he announced that he would be retiring. A year later, Gronkowski came out of retirement to rejoin former Patriots player Tom Brady in Tampa Bay (Buccaneers).

Last month, former Patriots player, Rob Gronkowski, chose to end his football career for the second time. As if the first time Gronk retired was not hard enough, this time, it seems that his decision is final.

We have not seen the last of this four-time Super Bowl champ. Even though he is yet again retired, he is working with his brothers and focusing on his business ventures (Ice Shaker and Gronk Fitness).

Earlier today, Rob Gronkowski chose to skip the gym with his brothers. Instead, they took to the Tall Ship in Boston, MA for an afternoon workout to promote Ice Shaker and Gronk Fitness.

While out at the Tall Ship in Boston, Gronkowski let the world know that he really means business about his business.

We all know how close Tom Brady and Gronkowski are, but it seems that even Tom Brady would not be able to change Gronk's mind about returning to football.

Gronkowski was asked if Tom Brady called during the season, would Gronk answer the call? Gronk's response was, "I would answer, obviously, I would obviously answer the greatest quarterback of all time, ask him how he’s doing, and tell him I’m doing good, but I wouldn’t go back to football, no."

Although we will no longer be seeing Gronk playing ball, it is great seeing him pursue yet another passion in business.

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