Talking to grandparents is fun, you never know what they are going to say. You get the unfiltered truth, as they see it- and they have seen a lot! A new survey asked Nana and Papas what they thought has gotten better, and gotten worse, over the years.

Top Ten Things That Have Improved, According to Granny:

  • Computers
  • Cars
  • Food
  • Shopping
  • Healthcare
  • Quality of Life
  • TV
  • Radio
  • Transportation
  • Banking

Top Ten Things That Have Gotten Worse, According to Pepere:

  • Manners
  • Crime
  • The Country Overall
  • A Sense of Community
  • Music
  • Sports
  • Banking
  • Transportation
  • The Weather
  • Movies

Granny and Pepere couldn't seem to agree on banking and transportation!

They were also asked about the best modern inventions.

Ya Yas and Poppys gave their Top Ten:

  1. Email
  2. Digital Photography
  3. The Internet
  4. Google
  5. Cheap Travel
  6. HD TV
  7. DVDs
  8. Remote Controls
  9. GPS
  10. Streaming Video Services

Think about how much has changed just over the course of your life. What are some of your favorite modern conveniences or technologies? Comment on our Fan Page or tweet #lovetech


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