During Wednesday's Maine CDC update, Governor Janet Mills announced a new sweepstake where Mainers can win cash if they have received at least the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The "Don’t Miss Your Shot: Vaccinationland Sweepstakes" has a prize of $1 for every person in Maine that is vaccinated by July 4. As more people get the vaccine, the cash prize increases. As of this writing, if the prize were awarded today, one lucky vaccinated winner would receive $876,655. The final prize amount will be determined by the number of Maine residents who have gotten a vaccine as of 6:00 a.m. on July 4.

Mainers 12 and older who have received at least one dose of the Moderna or Phizer vaccine or the one dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine can enter online.

According to the Maine CDC's Wednesday update, the cumulative number of COVID-19 cases in Maine is now at 68,683, an increase of 51 since Tuesday.

Five additional deaths were reported of an individual with COVID-19, bringing the total number of deaths to 853. Two of those deaths were reported from an investigation of death certificated and those individuals died at the end of May. 2,056 patients have had to be hospitalized at some point. 38 are currently hospitalized with 20 in intensive care and 12 on a ventilator.

734,075 Mainers have received at least the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and 755,857 have completed their vaccination series. That equates to approximately 56% of all Mainers who are fully vaccinated and 55% who have received at least the first of two doses of the vaccine. Of those eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine, which is those 12 and older, 64% are fully vaccinated. Over 1.4 million doses in total have been given to Mainers.

All business capacity limits and requirements to physically distance in all indoor and outdoor settings were lifted on May 24. On that day, State mask requirements were lifted as well for those that are fully vaccinated, though private businesses can still require those entering to wear masks.

On July 1, the state will lift the mask requirement for indoor child care and schools.

Governor Mills has extended the State of Emergency in Maine through June 30 and it will not be renewed.

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