A few days ago, superstar chef Gordon Ramsay was spotted in Maine with a film production crew after a Trenton-based catering company shared a couple photos of him. Those photos were removed from Facebook by the catering company, probably to avoid bringing attention to Ramsay's whereabouts as he continues to film whatever project he's working on. But while that location may have been a mystery, Ramsay's location on Saturday was anything but as he visited Maine's largest city and one of it's most popular tourist destinations.

Shared on Facebook by The Porthole Restaurant & Pub, the television and culinary star visited the deck of the Porthole and posed for photos with the staff. He also appears to be bundled up like he's taking a trip the Arctic, but not everyone is prepared for the difference between summer and autumn in Maine.

Ramsay has spent several days across the state of Maine this week. Last week, comedian Chelsea Handler did the same thing. Over the Labor Day weekend, actor Michael Cera as well as multimedia superstar Martha Stewart were spotted at various hotspots across the Pine Tree State. Maine is clearly living up the name Vacationland during a very strange 2020.

Thanks for visiting Gordon, hopefully you didn't get your knickers in a twist.

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