AJ learned a tough lesson from a recent visit to a baseball training facility.


I was really excited to be invited to take part in the Portland Sea Dogs Media Day Hitting Challenge this year. This is something that the team has been doing for years, but this will be my first time participating. I'll be competing with other radio, print, and TV people for a chance to raise money for charity. I'm choosing the Preble St. Resource Center to be my beneficiary.

I thought it might be a good idea to warm up a little bit before the challenge. A few listeners told me about Maine Hits in Scarborough, so last night I headed over there to take a few swings.

I've always loved baseball, but I haven't swung a bat in a couple of years. So I was really excited to step up to the plate. And I feel like I did pretty well, making contact on most of the pitches, and hitting a lot of them pretty hard.

But here's what I wasn't prepared for - the next morning I was reeeeeallly sore!! My back, my hands, even my jaw for some reason (maybe from clenching my teeth?) It was a good reminder that I'm not 23 years old any more.

The hitting challenge was supposed to be tomorrow...unfortuately it's been postponed due to field conditions at Hadlock. But maybe that's actually a blessing in disguise for me...it gives me an extra couple of weeks to recover!

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