We're not sure how this driver is able to pull this off or if it's even legal, but it's definitely a lesson in how NOT to get a Christmas Tree home. The photographer who shared this photo with us didn't want to be identified, but told us it was taken near Route 1 and the I-295 ramp.

Big Tree On Car

So we have a few questions about what we're seeing here:

1. Did you really have to pick the biggest tree on the lot? You drive a mid 2000's Toyota Corolla that isn't exactly designed to haul big things.

2. Did you even get this tree from a Christmas Tree farm? Typically most lots will net the tree for you to make it easier to strap to your roof. That might have helped your situation here, but you'd still be dealing with some monster sized cargo.

3. You know this can't be legal right? Your rear view window is completely blocked and your right side mirrors and view out those windows is blocked as well.

4. Let's say you did get that bad boy home safe and sound. Where do you put a Christmas Tree that size and still have a place to live?

Kids, don't do this. We recommend using these tips to transport your tree home from Cars.com.

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