Okay, this story is messed up. I feel like this goes without saying but people really shouldn't domesticate wild animals. But if for some reason they do, then they DEFINITELY shouldn't abandon them because then the animal has no chance of being able to survive in the wild once they have been domesticated. COME ON, PEOPLE!

Here's the scoop: a family in Massachusetts took Frankie the fox from the wild and raised her in captivity for a few years. They then grew tired of her and abandoned her to fend for herself. The fox was rescued by an animal rights activist named Marianna Neville. According to the Union Leader, Marianna and her husband went down to find the animal after many complaints were made that the fox was loudly crying in a Dracut, Massachusetts neighborhood. The fox stayed with Marianna for a few days and then was transported to Jackson, New Hampshire to stay with Marianna's friend and fellow activist Donna Ellis.

The Union Leader goes on to report that Massachusetts Environmental Police learned about the fox's whereabouts and reached out to NH Fish and Game demanding for the animal back. They planned to euthanize Frankie and test her for rabies. Apparently the only way they can test for rabies is to kill the animal first? That seems crazy to me! This all made it's way to Governor Sununu's office and he got on the phone with his pal Charlie Baker and said that the fox is staying with us in New Hampshire. (I don't know if it was an actual phone call but that's the way I like to imagine it) Because of the dedication and compassion from these activists and Governor Sununu, Frankie the fox will live to see another day!

Frankie is now at the Millstone Wildlife Center in Windham, New Hampshire where she will be cared for until the Spring. It will then be decided if the fox is fit to be released into the wild or if they will need to keep her at the center.

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