UPDATE: Due to concerns over the Delta variant, TMZ is reporting that former President Obama has cancelled his big blowout bash for his 60th birthday and turned it into just a family and close friend affair.

Today (August 4) happens to be former President Barack Obama's 60th birthday, and, much like most people who hit milestone birthdays regardless of whether or not they've reigned as President of the United States, a massive bash is said to be in the works to celebrate.

According to Page Six, just under 700 people are expected to be in attendance for this weekend's birthday bash for the former president at his nearly $12 million home on Martha's Vineyard, with almost 500 guests and 200 workers being on hand for the festivities.

Of the 500 guests, it's rumored that celebrities like John Legend, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, The Roots, Steven Spielberg, and many more massive names will be taking the ferry or airplane ride over to the Vineyard for President Obama's 60th trip around the sun.

On the one hand, having such massive stars like Michael Jordan and the like in New England sounds, well, super cool. At the same time, the whole bash is rumored to be getting a verbal beatdown by residents of the Vineyard, due to the Delta variant of COVID running wild and the fact, whether we like it or not, we're still in a pandemic.

According to the New York Post, every single person at the party, whether guest or staffer, will be required to be vaccinated and the party will be held outdoors. But residents still aren't convinced it's a great idea, especially since back in November there was a huge wedding held on the Vineyard that was eventually traced to be classified as a super spreader event.

Regardless, the party still seems to be going off this weekend and there's a chance you'll catch a decent amount of celebrity sightings around New England over the next few days.

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