It's been nearly impossible to ignore the social media movement that has been running wild on social media since mid-June. On June 10, 2021, the NBC show Manifest was canceled less than a week after airing its major cliffhanger Season 3 Finale.

Less than a week later, Manifest became the #1 most-streamed show on Netflix in the U.S. and remained in the #1 or #2 slot for over a month, almost setting a record. In fact, it remained in Netflix's own "Top 10 U.S. Shows" list up until yesterday since the week after the show's cancelation.

And while the show has had massive support from day one fans, and another swarm of new fans who discovered the show on Netflix where the first two seasons currently live (the third season is available on Hulu and Peacock), the #SaveManifest movement got a massive and unexpected celebrity boost last night from a Maine legend.

As of right now, despite fans' hopes and wishes (including Stephen King's), there's been no renewal yet for a Season 4. Shortly after the show's cancelation, with the massive popularity boom the show saw on Netflix, there were hopes that the streaming service would pick the show up to produce the remaining three planned-for seasons (Producer Jeff Rake originally signed a six-season deal with NBC); however, that became a no-go, too.

Except, as reported by Us Weekly, within the last couple of weeks, both NBC and Netflix has both been talking to Warner Bros. TV (the show's studio) about the possibility of bringing the show back for a Season 4.

Meanwhile, Jeff Rake, according to Us Weekly, seeing the writing on the wall about the difficulty of finding a possible home for three more seasons of the show, is coming up with an alternate way to end the series instead of the dog fight it's become to have the show renewed at the end of each season -- combine all three of the final seasons he had planned into a two-hour movie finale, much along the lines of shows like Timeless, Fireflies, and Dogwood.

Here's hoping "Manifesters" (as the fan group calls themselves), including Stephen King, get their wish and the series is saved in some way, shape, or form.

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