Here are the top five most famous people from Maine:

Everyone knows the first one...

(1) Stephen King: Born in Portland. Famous author of scary books.

(2) Patrick Dempsey a.k.a. McDreamy: Born in Lewiston. Handsome actor who starred in "Greys Anatomy" and was most recently in the movie "Bridget Jones' Baby."

(3) Anna Kendrick: Born in Portland. Actress, most famous for all the "Twilight" movies and the "Pitch Perfect" movies.

(4) Bob Marley: New England's king of comedy was born in Portland and grew up in Bangor. He is our favorite guest on the HOM morning show.

(5) Erin Andrews: Born in Lewiston. Sportscaster and cohost of ABC's "Dancing With The Stars." She also competed on the show.

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