Going to any baseball game is exciting, it doesn't matter if it is a major league or minor league. There is something about walking into the ballpark and smelling the hot dogs that just can make any day better. Not to mention, other fans tend to make the game more fun with their cheers, conversations, and laughter.

I have been to many Red Sox games in my life, but I finally got around to going to my first Sea Dogs game, and let me tell you I was in for a few surprises that I had not been used to seeing while attending a baseball game.

I need to start off first by saying that Hadlock Field is gorgeous and I was not upset with the food choices that they offered either. Another thing that is pretty cool is that if there is a Red Sox game going on at the same time, Hadlock Field has a screen that actually shows the Red Sox score as well as play information, so you are able to keep up with the game while watching the Sea Dogs.

Those are not the things that surprised me, however. There are three things that really took me by surprise when I attended the Sea Dogs game.

Sea Dog Biscuits

Just like any baseball game you go to, there are people walking around selling food and drinks. One food item took me by surprise, the Sea Dog Biscuits.

There I was, sitting in my seat wondering why so many people were purchasing these biscuits. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy biscuits however, I never have seen some sold at a game.

Well, I quickly found out why everyone was ordering these. They are not biscuits at all! The reason why so many people were ordering them, could have been that instead of biscuits they are actually delicious chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches (which in the heat sounded even more amazing).


Okay, this was really cool. Say that you go to see the Sea Dogs and want something to eat or even want a shirt or hat to wear during the game. You can actually order it online and get it delivered to your seat. This is something that I have not seen before and honestly wish I took advantage of (that way you don't miss any of the game to get some food or merch).

Clean Up

I am so used to cleaning up after myself, meaning that I am used to getting up and taking my trash with me to a trash can. Well, at Hadlock Field, you don't always have to do that. I saw many people walking around with trash bags as well as the one and only Trash Monster walking around collecting trash.

It is safe to say that Hadlock Field cares about the people watching the Sea Dogs play and make it easy for them to enjoy the game without many interruptions.

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