I'd hardly call it a roast, and the term heat wave won't exactly be applied, but we'll take what we can get. We're going back to the 60's.

You're likely thinking "yeah, but that's where we're supposed to be mid April." Fair enough, and you'd be correct. However, it's important to remember our all too recent history of scraping a 1/4 inch of ice from our windshields. Plus, as recently as 48 hours ago, I debated throwing salt on the driveway (dumb pride didn't let me). Heck, it was so windy yesterday, 18 wheelers were blowing over!

Onto this weekend, high pressure starts to build in Saturday. As the high moves off shore, winds will blow from the south. WMUR News 9 is calling for mid 50's by mid to late afternoon Saturday. Don't worry, that's just the start. Sunday, many areas in the state will be in the lower 60's. At this point, Monday and Tuesday are looking even warmer.

My ice scraper is on it's last storm. This warm-up is timely.



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