If you live and create trash in Portland, Maine, then you're probably disposing of that trash with the required pay-as-you-throw purple trash bags. These trash bags are kept under lock and key at area grocery stores and will run you $1.35 per 15-gallon bag and $2.70 per 30 gallon bag.

Since the start of the required city trash bag program I have complained about the stupid, inconvenient design of the bags. They come in rolls of tear-off bags, which is fine, but the bags themselves lacked one necessary feature: pull ties! The packs of bags came with wire twist-ties to seal the top, but let's be real, who can secure an overstuffed trash bag with a tiny twist tie?

I picked up another roll of trash bags last week and just busted out my first one last night. To my surprise, the bags had a brand new yellow pull tie, just like every other trash bag on the planet!

I was so excited that I took photos to prove the existence of the pull ties. I no longer have to struggle with the straight edges of my overflowing trash bag to get them to seal into some sort of knot.

Gonna add this to my list of First World Problems.