'Imagine' a corn maze so inspiring that it requires multiple fields. This time lapse video of Mike's Maze at Warner Farm will thrill any John Lennon fan and make a dreamer out of anyone who watches it.

Imagine at Mike's Maze

Warner Farm - Sunderland, Massachusetts

Opening September 10th

If you're anything like me, you probably said 'Where the ^#$& is Sunderland?' 

Don't let that stand in the way of your journey to see it in person. Driving from the NH Seacoast area, you can make it there in a couple hours.

A quick and easy two hours and eighteen minutes if you take 495 and then Route 2.

If you prefer a more NH based route?

Start on 101 west and you can still get there in well under three hours (2 hrs 51 minutes from Dover).

The scenic tranquility of Route 9 is the longest way to go but you can still get there in under three hours.

And if you're coming from say Portland, Maine, it'll be about three hours.

No matter where you're coming from, this corn maze is worth the trip.

Mike's Maze is open Fridays at 11AM to 5PM, Saturdays and Sundays from 9AM to 5PM.

The maze will be open every weekend through Sunday, November 7th.

Admission is $16 per adult and $14 for kids, 65+ and all active military.

If Mike's Maze sounds familiar, it may be because their 2015 edition of the maze 'Alice In Sunderland' took the world by storm and garnered millions of online views.

Everyone's taste is subjective of course. As for me? I love the structure of this year's maze. There appear to be plenty of escape routes if you just follow your nose.

Also, I don't have to worry that I'll trip and fall and knock out the teeth of The Cheshire Cat.

At $8 per maze, I can't 'Imagine' a better value or a cooler New England weekend experience.

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