When summer comes, there's nothing better than waterfront dining.

Think about it. We wait all year long for the sun to come out and temperatures to climb back up so we can experience the countless summer activities and attractions we know and love. And of course, if you're out long enough, you're eventually going to be hungry.

But it's summertime. You don't want to dine at just any restaurant, where it's dark inside and the A/C is cranked up so high that you need to throw on multiple layers. You want to visit a place that's got summer vibes, and you know what that means: waterfront dining.

At the end of a hot day, there's nothing better than sitting with loved ones and enjoying some coastal cuisine while overlooking scenic views of the ocean or nearest lake. Throw in a colorful sunset, and bam. You've got yourself a picturesque summer memory you'll treasure forever.

Here in New Hampshire, we've got plenty of waterfront restaurants to choose from. Whether you're on Lake Winnipesaukee or spending a day at the beach, there are plenty of places that you can check out. But which ones are among the best of the best? That was up to our readers and listeners to decide. Let's see which places they recommended, in no particular order:

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