One of the big highlights of playing a round of 9- or 18-holes in regular golf is the social aspect of it, right? Catching up with friends, having a couple of cocktails while you play, hoping you don't lose $100 worth of balls or get so frustrated that you break your new $200 driver over your knee.

Mini golf, on the other hand, takes away all that frustration and pressure to perform and is basically all about having fun, maybe a little luck, and family time. But what would happen if you combined the social aspect of regular golf, and the laid-back, fun, goofy atmosphere of mini golf?

Puttshack, that's what would happen.

Puttshack is prominently based in the United Kingdom, but some United States locations are slowly starting to open. Right now, there is just an Atlanta, Georgia, location open, but according to the Puttshack website, a Boston location will be opening sometime in 2022! (Chicago, Miami, and Nashville are also supposed to get a location coming soon.)

Puttshack takes the game of mini golf and amplifies it to "notches unknown," as Chef Emeril Lagasse would say. These courses are next-level, which include golfing on a pool table, a game of beer pong, a drumset, and even winning a free pizza (or other prizes) if you score a hole-in-one on their Wheel of Fortune hole!

Puttshack infuses tech into mini golf, which means you don't have to figure out how to awkwardly carry a scorecard in your pocket while getting stabbed by one of those sharp little pencils and channel your inner second-grade self to do math. In fact, before you even start the game, your user profile is linked to a sanitized ball that's dispensed down for you.

There's no exact date on when Puttshack will be open other than sometime in 2022, and no exact location other than somewhere in Boston's Seaport (according to the Boston page on the Puttshack website), but it's definitely something to look forward to! High-tech, outside-the-box mini golf, complete with a bar and restaurant in the same spot? Definitely will be worth the road trip!

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