While any and all live performances of Ed Sheeran's 'Thinking Out Loud' are literally perfection in and of themselves, Ellen DeGeneres just made one rendition that much better.

When the redheaded crooner stopped by 'Ellen' the day after his beyond swoon-worthy Grammys performance, the host couldn't resist bringing up that one, of-course-she-didn't-just-make-this-up time that she performed with him on stage. Cut to a hilariously dressed-like-a-princess Ellen superimposed into the vid. LOL!

Yes, Ellen -- clad in a flowing pink gown and a long brunette wig -- twirled around on stage, dancing melodically as Ed, as he tends to do, turned the entire room into puddles of goo. Suffice it to say, Ed Sheeran had us weeping from the beauty of the song while Ellen DeGeneres had us crying from laughter. Best. combination. ever.

Watch Ellen DeGeneres and Ed Sheeran's "performance" of 'Thinking Out Loud' in the video above.

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