During a time when people are being asked to stay inside and avoid as much human-to-human contact, it's very easy for cabin fever to set in. Because of the social distancing restrictions, the ways people used to escape from reality, like concerts and movie theaters, are suddenly not an option. But there is a glimmer of hope for those that still want to be smart and safe but also want to DO something. That glimmer is drive-in theaters.

Maine is still home to several drive-in theaters and they've all been receiving messages about when they will be opening. The Saco Drive-In announced on Facebook that their hope is to open early this season to meet the demand. Several factors are at play, including whether the grounds will be ready and of course, whether the State of Maine will even allow it.

That's the not-so-subtle message behind the Bridgton Twin Drive-In Facebook post, where a dose of realism was thrown on a flame of hope. Drive-In theaters seem like the perfect escape for people because they can remain in their cars but Drive-Ins make money not just with ticket price but also concessions. Is there a fail safe way to operate concessions? Who will work the stand? Additionally, how would on-site bathrooms work? There are far more questions to answer before these businesses can think about opening.

But there is still that glimmer. That even if some social restrictions continue throughout the month of May, there may be places to escape reality like drive-in theaters.

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