Even though Dover is allowing trick-or-treating to happen this year (next Friday, October 30 from 5p-7p), there is still an alternative way to celebrate if you'd rather play it safe because, ya know, pandemic.

Dover Main Street has set up an entire "Halloween At Home" event that includes a virtual costume and house decorating contest. According to their website, both contests will last the entirety of next weekend (starting on Friday the 30th and ending on Sunday, November 1).

What's really cool? They're going all out with the costume contests, busting out FOUR different categories (and if you want to get technical, it's really 7 different ones.) They have a ton of different kid's categories, including Most Creative, Best Overall (with four different age groups), and I LOVE this one because it's going to bust out all the creativity in the world -- Best Costume from Nature. NATURE! We're talking sticks, leaves, grass, rocks, dirt, worms, any of the 4 million stink bugs the state's been infested with -- LET THE IMAGINATION RUN WILD!

There's also a category for the adults, because some of us refuse to grow up (i.e. yours truly, who will forever mentally be about 8 years old). Nothing crazy, just Best Overall, but it's still something and still a $25 gift card up for grabs! And did I mention the $50 Dover Dollars up for grabs for the Best Dressed House category?

Honestly, the best part of all of this? THERE'S LITERALLY ZERO EFFORT (OR MONEY) NEEDED TO ENTER! You're going to post everything online anyway, because it's 2020 and we post everything on Facebook and Instagram, right? So when you post, all you have to do is tag @DoverMainStreet in your posts, and make sure you include the hashtag #doverhalloweenathome. (Even if you have zero desire to enter, you can still at least search the hashtag and check out everyone's costumes and houses!)

All of the rest of the info on the prizes up for grabs for the different categories, as well as the different age groups for the Best Kid's Overall category (and an email address for any questions about this), again, all up on their website. Good luck to anyone who decides to enter! Can't wait to see your costumes and decorated houses!

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